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Mitzi Campbell, M.A.

Mitzi has spent over thirty-five years in education. She is a Transformational Teacher. Her dynamic skills in the areas of academia, psychology, non-profit leadership and the creative arts inform her life story in continuous, priceless, and powerful ways and allow her to impact and uplift others with divine sincerity. Mitzi is the creator and host of The Blessons Podcast where she uses her platform to connect humanity and inspire personal growth and self-discovery for the good of all.

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My mission is to make a massive positive impact on the world by bringing people together with story and relatable experiences and helping people to ascend on their own voyages of self-discovery.

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My greatest hope for humanity is for people to truly see one another, without judgement, just as we wish to be seen and for all people everywhere to be and feel happy and free. I wish to cast a light of love on the world. 

mitzi campbell-6343.HEIC
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