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Storytelling is magnetic. We instinctively want to listen and that’s how we connect. When we connect, we learn more about ourselves. 

Through self-awareness we heal the world.


   The Show

These are the stories of regular people sharing their collected experiences, lessons and blessings. The people you see, exchange smiles with, wave through an intersection, hold the door open for, and pass by in the grocery aisles. It's the guy up the street you hear mowing his lawn at the crack of dawn. It's the package delivery person. It's the cashier and the artist who made your favorite mug. It's the driver of that slow truck you're stuck behind and it's the online guru you always wanted to know. 

Your life story is your greatest asset. It's who you are.  Our stories contain valuable information. Sharing our stories teaches us things we need to know to be better. Hearing the stories of others helps us to recognize tiny beautiful things we might not otherwise have noticed in our own lives. We can connect and relate to one another in ways that uplift us all. We can uncover the meaning and purpose in our lives by hearing and telling ordinary, perfectly imperfect stories. 

Tune in to laugh, cry, roll your eyes, have "ah ha" moments and get to know your fellow humans so that you see them in yourself because people are just like you.

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Journal It

A simple practice that enhances your life. The Blessons Journal takes gratitude journaling to the next level. It provides space to write out the blessings and lessons you encounter each day with periodic "check-ins" to hunt for themes. 

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Executive Producer & Host

"What if we can solve the great mysteries of life simply by talking about our experiences? I believe it's as simple as this. If we tell and others listen, we can examine the points of gratitude [blessings] and the points of wisdom [lessons] to uncover meaning and purpose for all who partake. The process helps us all to connect to a wider humanity and makes the world a better place. Making a massive positive impact is my mission."

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